3D Concrete Scanning

  • 3D analysis of concrete steel reinforcement in reinforced concrete structures
  • locating services, rebars, tendons, metal and plastic conduits, glass-fibre cables, voids, cavities and wood in dry concrete structures at depths up to 300mm
  • Rebar detection – avoid hitting concealed objects, rebar and services when drilling and sawing.
  • quality assessment and checking rebar and tendon layout (e.g. curvature, density, depth)
  • Inspection of floors, decks, slabs, balconies, etc in structures such as tunnels, bridges and buildings.
  • Generate pictorial representations instantly to enable on-site evaluation
  • 3D Imaging and reporting


PS1000X-Scan PS1000X-Scan and PSA100 Monitor
PS1000x-scan PS1000X-Scan and PSA100 Monitor


PS1000 2D Image – Wall with multiple layers 

2D image of PS1000X-Scan under Gas skid plinth



PS1000X-Scan 3D Image – Wall with multiple layers

Viewing the data in a cube format that can be rotated exposes the three-dimensional reflections from all side. X and Y steel reinforcement can be color coded to highlight direction and depth.




Plan view image displays a cross-sectional view as well as a top-down view of two dimensional data. Steel reinforcement can be checked by comparing the two views offered.

3D concrete scanning



This top-down view represents a 600 x 600mm area imaged and then analyzed in the field for core hole locations. The top layer of rebar is the current view, as shown by the slice lines in the cross-sectional data

3D concrete scanning



Rebar Spacing, Cover and Diameter

  • Ferroscan surveys: Rebar verification: layout, spacing and diameter
  • Concrete coverage: corrosion and fire protection
  • Locate rebar’s up to 160mm
  • Measures bar diameter +/- standard bar diameter
  • Cover meter surveys

PS250 Ferroscan and PSA100 Monitor


PS250 Ferroscan


Image and data of a PS250 Ferroscan


Num X Y Coverage Diameter Orientation Overlay Usage
  mm   mm   mm  mm
1 545.7 117.3 34  12mm  H 3  M
2 545.7 245.9 30  12mm  H 3  M
3 545.7 370.7 27  12mm  H 3  M
4 524.3 497.3 27  12mm  H 3  M
5 105.5 224.3 48  12mm  V 3  M
6 236.4 224.3 49  12mm  V 3  M
7 369.9 224.3 47  12mm  V 3  M
8 508.8 224.3 44  12mm  V 3  M



Concrete testing with the Silver Schmidt Hammer

The SilverSchmidt ST/PC is the first integrated concrete test hammer featuring true rebound value and unmatched repeatability.
Two factors contribute to the improved performance of this concrete test hammer over its predecessors:

  • Velocity based detection of the rebound quotient
  • The lightweight hybrid design of the impact plunger is made from aerospace alloy, matched to the elastic properties of the concrete and equipped with a hardness steel cap

Independent validation testing by BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Germany) has shown the SilverSchmidt ST/PC to have less dispersion than the classical concrete test hammer over the entire range.

The unique design and high quality construction of the concrete test hammer SilverSchmidt ST/PC makes rebound hammer testing quicker and more accurate than ever before.

Image of Silver Schmidt HammerImage of Silver Schmidt Hammer