Redevelopment of Custom House & Furness House, Salford, Manchester

Non-intrusive survey

Concrete Scanning Investigation LDM Scanning Ltd were instructed to carry out the investigation of the existing reinforcement concrete framed buildings Custom House and Furness House.  Custom House is an existing 6 storey office building, Furness House is an existing 10 storey office building. Our works were to undertake non-destructive testing to determine the location of

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KP Food Snacks – Survey of RC Slab and Frame

Non-intrusive X-Ray Survey A localised non-intrusive X-ray survey of the reinforcement in the slabs, identifying size of reinforcement, spacing and cover to both top and bottom reinforcement mats in key areas: Slab over Heads of columns Over longitudinal beams (internal spans) Over transverse beams (internal spans) Over longitudinal beams (end spans) Over transverse beams (end

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Sheraton Park, Durham

£20m Sheraton Park Student Accommodation Scheme in Durham. LDM Scanning carried out a non-intrusive survey to the existing buildings in November 2014 to determine reinforcement layout, bar diameter and cover to floor slabs, columns and beams.

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