Concrete scanning to Gas Skid Plinth and the plinth under the Gas Turbine, Connah’s Quay Power Station, Connah’s Quay, Flintshire

Eon / Alstom Power Ltd

Scope of work:
The 4 gas turbines at Connah’s Quay Power station are being upgraded over a period of 4 years. LDM Scanning Ltd have now carried out survey works to the Gas Skid Plinth on Units 2 and 4.

The survey work was to confirm reinforcement layout on the Gas Skid Plinth and the plinth under the Gas Turbine.

Quick scans were performed to the Gas Skid Plinth and the reinforcement was marked out using paint pens. Eon were able to cross reference and confirm reinforcement with their drawings immediately allowing other trades to meet installation deadlines.

Survey scans on a 600 x 600mm grid were carried out on the plinth under the gas turbine (image 3246).

A report was prepared for the Eon Structural Engineers with the data from the scans to enable them to do structural calculations and confirm reinforcement.

The time saving non-intrusive survey to the Plinth was performed working alongside other trades limiting disruption.