Non Intrusive Survey of Reinforcement Locations

Quick scan to locate and mark up reinforcement

Concrete Scanning to Balcony Slab

Our client needed to install new service prices through 150mm diameter holes core drilled through the walkway floor slab.  The new holes had to be cut between adjacent flats, outside existing bathrooms.

The walkway slab is finished with tarmac/mastic asphalt screed, overlying a sand cement screed.  The Hilti PS1000X-scan located steel reinforcement at a depth from the surface of approximately 120mm and the overall slab thickness 260mm.

Our scope of works was to carry out an accurate scan of the area where the new service pipes are intended.  We marked out the slab service to show the positions of steel bars over a length on 500mm and a width of 250mm to allow for some flexibility in positioning the core drilling.  All bars within this are 500 x 250mm box were marked up using semi-permanent spray paint.

Copies of the scanning data as a record of the survey (flat numbers, bar location) were submitted to the Structural Engineer.

Balcony slab concrete scan

grid scan to record Hilti PS1000X-Scan data

Quick scan to locate and mark up reinforcement

Concrete scanning to balcony slab – marked up reinforcement

3D oncrete scanning

Quick scan to locate and mark up reinforcement within balcony slab.

Quick Scan Expert - Hilti PS1000X-Scan

Quick scan expert mode to identify balcony slab thickness.