Redevelopment of Custom House & Furness House, Salford, Manchester

Non-intrusive survey

Concrete Scanning Investigation

LDM Scanning Ltd were instructed to carry out the investigation of the existing reinforcement concrete framed buildings Custom House and Furness House.  Custom House is an existing 6 storey office building, Furness House is an existing 10 storey office building.

Our works were to undertake non-destructive testing to determine the location of the main slab, column and core wall reinforcement, its size, depth, spacing and cover.

Breakouts were performed to 1 in 4 scanned locations to confirm results as requested by the client.  All areas were made good with Rockbond lightweight repair mortar immediately following inspection.

Work to both buildings was carried out over 5 days and our comprehensive reports were issued within 3 days after completing the work.


Furness House

Furness House, Salford, Manchester


Concrete Scanning to external column face embedded within wall

Custom House

Custom House, Furness Quay, Salford, Manchester

Column reinforcement

Breakout to column to expose reinforcement


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